We’re a brand and communications studio that builds authentic brands people want to work for, buy from, rally around and invest in—brands that also make the world a little brighter for everyone who connects
with them.





An authentic brand is more than good looks or clever words. It’s a way of thinking about and acting on what really matters to your organization in an increasingly transparent, interdependent world. We act as advisers, advocates and allies—fully engaging with clients to dig deep, reveal the essence of a brand, and deliver results that make a bottom-line impact. Building authentic brands is our specialty; bringing them to life is our passion.

Kite is a Seattle and Washington DC-based brand and communications studio. We know the business of branding inside and out, having seen it from both sides of the table. And we know exactly how to keep things moving when they get hairy. Our internal perspective creates the buy-in and ownership a brand needs to thrive; our external view ensures that brand has the authenticity to stand out in the crowd and serve as a powerful ambassador for your mission.

Mary Weisnewski founded Kite in 2007 and works directly with clients to help them leverage the power of their brands. She is a brand strategist whose insight, analysis and creativity help her clients reveal the essence of a brand and bring it to life in everything they do. Her talent as a facilitator helps organizations gain the brand understanding and ownership vital to being ambassadors and aligned brand champions. For over 20 years she has worked with a diverse group of clients—from start-ups to large corporations, and foundations to international development organizations, and now with a passion for seeing change in the world, she is focused on organizations that are making a difference. Mary has written and contributed to articles on brand in publications including ABA Bank Marketing, Consulting Magazine, WA CEO,, Puget Sound Business Journal, Design Management Review, Museum News, American Way, and Chronicle of Philanthropy. Special Skills: Untangling brand hairballs. English accent.

Jennifer Grizzard Ekzarkhov is a storyteller, an idea-hatcher, a maven and a geek. She cut her professional teeth working for national and international nonprofit organizations, both large and small. Directing communications and marketing at these organizations in lockstep with fundraising professionals for more than seventeen years, she learned the importance of authentic branding from the inside. She knows how critical process and approach are to successfully bring a brand to life for stakeholders—especially staff—at every communications touchpoint. Now, she extends that expertise to her clients, ensuring that their brand is a tool that works hard to build awareness and revenue. Special Skills: Cat-herding: No B.S.




Authentic brands come from within. We dig deep to reveal the DNA of the brand and build it from the core, translating the strategy into on-target tools to drive operations, culture, design and communications. Our seamless integration of strategy and execution leads to brands that are true, connect on an emotional level and are meaningful to audiences. Our approach is also distinguished by the deep brand ownership and understanding we build across our clients’ organizations, leading to the belief and buy-in essential to long-term success. 

Building a Brand


  • Establish Brand Team
  • Conduct Brand Audit
  • Develop Preliminary Strategy


  • Facilitate Brand Workshop
  • Define Final Brand Elements
  • Establish Strategy Framework


  • Create Visual and Written Brand
  • Initiate internal Education and Engagement
  • Initiate External Launch


  • Ensure Operational and Cultural Alignment
  • Deepen Employee Engagement
  • Infuse the Brand at All Touchpoints
  • Evaluate Brand Performance

Top ten assets of an authentic brand

When a brand is authentic and becomes a compelling organizing principle that is infused in the business strategy, operations and communications, everyone benefits. MORE.




Real Results? Yes, Please.

At Kite, we believe that brand is a business asset—a tool to move an organization forward whatever its stage, size or business model. We help new brands grow confident and strong. We revitalize large established brands. And we bring fresh energy and insight to build on the strengths of a brand at any phase or touchpoint.


  • Brand Platform Development
  • Brand Audits, Benchmarking and Customer Insight Research
  • Communications Audits
  • Brand Workshops
  • Brand Architecture
  • Employment Brand Development
  • Naming
  • Tagline Development
  • Positioning
  • Message Development
  • Campaign and Launch Strategy and Planning

Brand Consulting

  • Education
  • Speaking
  • Facilitation
  • Workshops


  • Brand Systems and Guidelines
  • Identities
  • Collateral
  • Annual Reports
  • Packaging
  • Sustainability Reports
  • Advertising
  • Copywriting and Editing
  • Production and Print Management


  • Web Development
  • Web Strategy
  • Site Architecture
  • Interface Design
  • Interactive Annual Reports


  • Environmental Graphics
  • Signage and Wayfinding
  • Event and Tradeshows



We work with values-driven clients who believe in the power of brand-from Fortune 500 companies and global nonprofits to visionary start-ups across diverse industries. We take pride in building strong relationships, looking out for our clients’ best interests and making valuable contributions to their success.

  • Agribusiness Systems International (ASI)
  • Axon
  • Base2 Solutions
  • Battelle
  • Brightlight Consulting
  • Butler Hill Group
  • Cameron House
  • Carena
  • City of Seattle
  • Community Day School Association
  • Context Relevant
  • Cornerstone Advisors
  • The Cottage Company
  • Counterpart International
  • Epic Games
  • Etta Projects
  • ImpactAssets
  • The Jane Goodall Institute
  • King County
  • King Street Task Force
  • LaPlant Consulting Group
  • Loft9
  • The Mosaic Company
  • National Association of Environmental Professionals
  • The Nature Conservancy
  • On Lok
  • PeaceHealth
  • Peterson Sullivan
  • Point B
  • Point B Capital
  • Prithvi Solutions
  • Quosal
  • RedTech
  • Seattle Bank
  • The 5th Avenue Theatre
  • The Seattle Foundation
  • The Skoll Foundation
  • TAF (Technology Access Foundation)
  • TechnoServe
  • Tectura
  • Touchstone
  • University Book Store
  • Unreal Engine
  • VoloMetrix
  • Washington Health Benefit Exchange
  • WealthCounsel
  • WB Games
  • Zetec
  • Zones



At Kite, brand strategy and execution work hand in hand to transform brand from a promise to a powerful experience. We help our clients tell brand-driven stories, educate and inspire employees, build trust and loyalty among stakeholders, and help missions come true.

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The Water Cooler.

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TechnoServe’s 2017 Impact Report 04.03.18
Just out, TechnoServe's 2017 Impact Report. This year is the organizations 50th anniversary and they celebrate with another stellar year of impact, generating $189 million in financial benefits for 461,000 farmers, businesses, and employees. We value our long-term partnership—from revealing the brand to helping to keep it thriving in this latest report. MORE.

The Bridge Collaborative: When you’re out to change the world, you need a brand that is, too. 03.26.18
Recently launched in London, this innovative collaborative is driving a fundamental shift in how health, development and environmental experts work across sectors to make a greater impact at the speed the world needs now. Revealing and defining the brand—from mission to message platform, from logo to website—was deeply rewarding as we worked through the process with the partners—The Nature Conservancy, PATH, Duke University, and IFPRI. In the words of our client: “I am in love with the website and brand! I appreciate how well they sensed and reflected our personality as a partnership. I have been involved in other website development, only a little brand work, and a lot of communications material development and I can say fairly that I have never felt this empowered by a set of products.” —Heather Tallis, Global Managing Director and Lead Scientist for Strategy Innovation, The Nature Conservancy MORE.

The Jane Goodall Institute 2016 Annual Report 08.11.17
It has been our distinct pleasure to partner with the Jane Goodall Institute on the creation of its 2016 Annual Report—The Power of Purpose. “As we face the world’s challenges, it is desperately important that we, as individuals and collectively, make the right choices to benefit all living things.” —Jane Goodall. In 2016, Jane spent nearly 300 days traveling to 27 different countries raising awareness about the problems facing Planet Earth. She, and the work of JGI, are an inspiration to us all. And congratulations to this wonderful client on its 40th anniversary year! MORE.

The TechnoServe 2016 Impact Report 04.24.17
Congratulations to our long-term client, TechnoServe, on its 2016 Impact Report. With the goal to convey a clear and focused message about the impact its making, it was our pleasure to work with the team to help present the aggregated results and ROI of the organizations entrepreneurship work. MORE.

New website launched for The Jane Goodall Institute 03.23.17
Exponential fundraising over prior years is the result from the launch of the new ‪Jane Goodall website. Supported by strategic positioning and a meaningful message platform, the site is now a hardworking, brand-driven tool to help move the organization forward and connect with current and new audiences. Thanks to the Jane Goodall team for being such great partners! MORE.

10 years. 10,000 thanks. 01.01.17
To our clients, partners, friends and family. Wishing you a happy new year as Kite celebrates its 10th birthday. The anniversary may be about us, but it’s really all about you—our clients, partners and community. Here’s wishing you many magical moments in the year to come. MORE.

Print and Digital Reports launch for 3 clients 11.14.16
Print is not dead here at Kite! We have recently been on press for clients on both coasts—for a TechnoServe impact report, the Annual Report for The Jane Goodall Institute in DC, and a Case for Support for The Nature Conservancy in Seattle. Leveraging brand-driven design and messages that emotionally and rationally tell your story will demonstrate the impact you have made, and connect you with your audiences. Digital is essential, but the tactile experience is often the one that has the most impact. MORE.

TechnoServe and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation Coffee Initiative Report 09.01.16
TechnoServe and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation launched the Coffee Initiative in 2008 – a groundbreaking eight-year project in East Africa. Over those eight years, the project has benefited more than a quarter-million farmers across Ethiopia, Kenya, Rwanda and Tanzania and helped to reshape the region’s coffee industry. We are honored to have partnered with TechnoServe on the design and development of the report that details the initiative’s work and tells the story of its impact. MORE.

The Jane Goodall Institute 08.01.15
We are pleased to announce our new partnership with the Jane Goodall Institute. This is a mission-driven and authentic organization—exactly the kind of values-based client we love to work with. We are looking forward to the work and supporting its mission to empower people to make a difference for all living things. MORE.

40 under 40 congratulations! 07.31.15
Congratulations to our client Brianna Jackson, CDSA Executive Director, who has been named one of the Puget Sound Business Journal's 40 Under 40. Brianna’s energy and innovation go a long way in helping to ensure that CDSA’s preschool and extended learning programs make a life long impact on the children they serve. MORE.

The Nature Conservancy 05.01.15
We are so excited to be working with The Nature Conservancy on both local and global brand and positioning initiatives. For over 50 years this organization has been making a huge impact—delivering on its mission to conserve the lands and waters on which all life depends since 1951. MORE.

Don’t throw the brand out with the bathwater 04.17.15
Managing a brand is a long-term commitment that must be approached with care. Our client Loft9 had a shift in its business plan so we worked together to ensure the positioning remained aligned, but without diluting the core brand elements, because you never want to throw the baby out with the bathwater. Check out the refreshed website that leverages both the relevant brand assets and the revitalized positioning. MORE.

Impressed by caliber of design 11.10.14
Kite has been working with the Washington Health Benefit Exchange on outreach communications with the objective to reach the unseen sectors of the population here in Washington State. “Language barriers may also arise when a person is new to the United States or simply due to the cloud of jargon that shrouds the health care industry.” Thanks to the State of Reform on its shout out to Kite, “Impressed by caliber of design for ‪@waplanfinder‬'s consumer-friendly, regional approach to health literacy.” MORE.

The TechnoServe Annual Report 07.28.14
We are honored to continue our partnership with TechnoServe, from revitalizing the brand and infusing it into all communications, to our most recent work on the design of its first all-digital Annual Report. TechnoServe is truly a brand-driven organization that made a difference in the lives of 2.2 million people in 2013. MORE.

We worked with TechnoServe to reveal, develop and implement its core brand assets and here’s the latest communication tool to expand the story—the Strategic Plan. It presents how the organization will achieve its vision and double its impact by 2017. TechnoServe is making good on its vision to be the most effective catalyst and partner for transformative, on-the-ground, market-based solutions to poverty. MORE.

Congrats to our client on leveraging the Loop brand into new video communications that are authentic, engaging and totally brand-driven. The brand and message platforms are business tools to help build strong relationships and move a product or organization forward. Loop is a sustainable and powerful tool to grow bountiful flowers and veggies. MORE.

Nice to see new brands we helped develop come to life. The name Hill7 evolved from the loss of one of the “seven hills” of Seattle during the Denny Regrade. Creating a brand for new real estate development is different because there is no tangible product to evaluate and experience. But it’s also the same in that it’s about developing a brand that authentically presents what the actual experience will be once it’s built. MORE.

Although these may not be the brands many would put at the top of their lists, they have “inspired, influenced and compelled… or continued to disappoint.” We like that Netflix is on the winners list – we believed it would survive and thrive during its bumpy adjustment that strengthened some relationships and sacrificed others. MORE.

Marketplace called us to talk about place branding, and in particular Alabama’s state branding. They asked for examples of winning state slogans and they asked for examples of flops. We helped to inform the story and at least got a couple of lines of the interview in the article! MORE.

3 Kite Clients make the 100 Fastest-Growing Private Companies in WA list 09.12.13
We get to work with the smartest clients who really know how to deliver on their brands. Congratulations to 3 of our clients—Brightlight Consulting, Loft9 and The Mosaic Company—as they all made the Puget Sound Business Journal’s 100 Fastest-Growing Private Companies in WA list. “Because the list highlights fast growth, it is one of the most dynamic lists published by the Business Journal each year.” MORE.

Presenting TechnoServe’s 2012 Annual Report. 07.12.13
We love the smell of fresh ink on paper. The results are in. The strategy & design is complete and the Report printed. Congrats to our client TechnoServe who last year made a difference in the lives of 2.9 million people in more than 30 countries. Check out the AR and learn more about their impact and measurement. MORE.

BioCyle Magazine showcases a client, and Kite. 06.28.13
Brand strategy is a business tool to help an organization reach objectives and strengthen its impact. Congratulations on the coverage and great work, King County! "Our main goal was to come up with a brand and message that was authentic and true, and I think that is what has made our effort such a success and will give this brand longevity," Kate Kurtz, KCWTD. MORE.

2 Kite clients selected for the 41 Hottest Companies in Seattle. 04.04.13
Big shout-out to our clients VoloMetrix and Context Relevant. Chosen out of 1,348 companies, both were selected as one of the 41 'Hottest Companies in Seattle'. In addition, VoloMetrix was selected into the final Top 25 Cloud Startups for CIO. VoloMetrix develops cloud-based analytic software to measure “social enterprise intelligence.” And Context Relevant is a leading provider of Big Data analytics modeling and analytics software. Both are well on their way to building strong brands. MORE.

It’s been our pleasure to work with the firm over the last year to reveal its authentic brand, and execute internally and in all communications. “Our brand is everything people think, associate and experience about our firm,” said Debby Keegan, Marketing Director. “The excitement around it has been contagious and we’re all very proud to introduce it to the market and the community.” Check it out! MORE.

We have partnered with the organization over the last year and a half to help them move the brand forward and power the impact of the work they do around the globe. Said Bruce McNamer, President and CEO “…to examine our brand in parallel with our strategic planning – a wide-ranging review of who we are, what we do and where we’re going…this update is not about TechnoServe being a different organization. The elements of the brand – our mission, vision, values, logo and key messages – are a living and accurate reflection of what we are today.” MORE.

The new Loft9 website launches. We have partnered with the firm since its inception to develop and build a brand that is authentic and meaningful to its audiences. As a winner of Consulting Magazine’s Small Jewel Award and Best Firms to Work For in 2012, we are honored to work with such a great team that brings the energy, brainpower and effectiveness needed to generate powerful outcomes for its clients. MORE.

With years of experience working with local to international nonprofits to reveal and build their authentic brands, there is a lot we love in this paper. Brand is a business tool to move an organization forward, “to create greater social impact and tighter organizational cohesion.” It is a driver to inform actions and decisions, and sits at the core of the organizations strategy. MORE.

A new study shows that text is more credible when accompanied by photos, even when the photos don’t support the point of the text. This is relevant for all organizations reaching out to with audiences, and even more so for nonprofits asking for donations. Adding text to the image is going to power the impact, story telling and call to action. “…you should accompany your statements with photos and, perhaps, descriptive text. Clearly, if the imagery directly supports your claims, so much the better. But, even if such photos don’t exist, you should still include relevant images.” MORE.

When developing a social media policy it must align with the organization’s goals and brand, and be a useful tool that can be used throughout the organization. Of the many examples of social media handbooks online, the Social Engagement Handbook from the American Red Cross is much admired. Created by Wendy Harman of the Red Cross, it’s now been updated to version 2.0. MORE.

Together with our partner Brotherton Strategies, Kite has been working with TechnoServe to audit and redefine its brand. Today, with the launch of the 2011 Annual report designed by Kite, the international organization announced its new Mission and Vision Statements: “We wanted to define our identity in a way that rang true with our founding principles, but also reflected our growth and evolution. And we were determined to get it right, because brand is more than just a logo – it’s what we do and say, as well. It’s everything associated with our organization.” MORE.

Turn your dirt around with Loop; it’s good for plants, people and Puget Sound. Kite worked with King County to reveal and develop a brand strategy and assets for its biosolids soil amendment product. The result: an ingredient brand named Loop. Loop was recently launched with much success at the Northwest Flower & Garden Show. “Establishing a brand for our biosolids product gives us a great platform to communicate the benefits of the product to our customers and the people of this region,” said KCWTD Director Pam Elardo. MORE.


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Bypass the Brain and Go Straight to the Heart

Top ten assets of an authentic brand

When a brand is authentic and becomes a compelling organizing principle that is infused in the business strategy, operations and communications, everyone benefits. MORE.


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